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    I believe that the most powerful gift that a parent can give their child is to pass on their language and culture.

    Play 1:31 Min i am: Mirjana, (Mother)
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    It is crucial to meet our students halfway in the classroom based on their background, while also making connections to their language and identity.

    Play 1:38 Min i am: Chuck, (Teacher)
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    Yo acepto mi cultura con todo mi corazón, ya que siempre será parte de mí, sin importar cuando lejos yo esté de mi país.


    I accept my culture with all my heart and it will always be part of me regardless how far I am from my home.

    Play 1:36 Min i am: Isabel, 18
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    Kommunikation kennt keine Grenzen. Ich selbst bin bilingual (deutsch-französisch) und das Spannungsfeld zwischen deutscher und nicht-deutscher Sprache beschäftigt mich seit meiner Kindheit.


    Communication knows no boundaries. I myself am bilingual (German-French) and the linguistic patterns between languages have fascinated me since I was a child.

    i am: Beatrice, Sponsor (VERDINO)
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    Да би се направила ближа заједница важно је прихватити све наше културне идентитете.


    To establish a close community, it is important to accept all of our cultural identities.

    Play 1:46 Min i am: Milića, 17 (Student)

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a group of committed student and adult volunteers who are:

International, multilingual, multicultural and are dedicated to improving the linguistic and cultural ethos for children both within and beyond school doors. We are social entrepreneurs who are consistently trying to find solutions to societal issues for children in the context of education, multi-literacy development, and identity.

What We Do

What We Do

Once we can identify a sustainable and reliable solution, we bring communities together to work towards a common goal that will promote a nurturing educational environment for children in the context of their mother tongue and cultural identity.

Our projects develop social infrastructures within schools and/or communities that honor individuality. We empower individuals by acknowledging each member of a community has something unique to offer.

Our Aims

Our Aims

We bring communities together

To re-engage children’s interest and passion for learning and school. To develop young global citizens through promoting international mindedness. To unlock a world in which students, parents, and teachers can explore and reflect on themselves as both individuals and as part of a global community. To create meaningful relationships between communities, among children, parents, and teachers.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please send your book donations to:

Who I Am Children's World Library
Hütteldorfer Strasse 81a
1150 Vienna, Austria

We will send you an email confirmation once they have arrived!

Thanks for Turning the Page on children's illiteracy!

Contact Telephone: +43 664 920 2960

Bank Details:
Who I Am
Bank Austria
IBAN: AT67 1200 0502 7413 4884


Who I Am - Founder and Director:
Chadwick V.R. Williams

Who I Am - Co-Founder:
Amalia Herrera-Vargas

Dr. Susanne Brandsteidl

Dr. Susanne Brandsteidl

President of Vienna Schools, Who I am Honorary Committee

Ramón Vargas

Ramón Vargas

Tenor, Who I am Honorary Committee

Ismael Beah

Ismael Beah

Former child Soldier, Author, Who I am Honorary Committee

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